Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Duplicate Page or Post Plugin

This plugin can clone your wordpress page or post.

To get my support on this plugin, just drop me an email at "zeeshanaslamdurrani@gmail.com"

Duplicate Page and Post plugin creates a duplicate of page or posts quickly

== Description ==
This plugin can be really useful as you don't have to do the styling of a page from scratch and you can create replica or clone of a post or post with one click.

Installation Guide

Major features of this plugin include:

*   Create duplicate of a page retaining all the styling and content and title
*   Create duplicate of a post retaining all the styling and content and title

How to Use and Install

* Install and Activate the plugin
* To clone pages just go to all pages on your dashboard and then hover cursor over a page and click on "Clone Me" option
* To clone posts just go to all posts under posts in your dashboard and then hover cursor over a post to see an option called "Clone Me" ... just click on it and you'll be redirected to draft copy of it. Just change and click save.


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